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Armed Forces Career Center

Armed Forces Career Center

550 Thornton Parkway, Thornton CO

Tenant Improvement – 14,000 SF Office build-out


➔ Design-Build project with UNUM Collaborative where we completed the entire build-out in 9 weeks because of the seamless interaction between UNUM and NOVUM


➔ Strength of our project team communication eliminated the need for lengthy Request for Information (RFI’s) and costly Change Orders because we were able to solve field issues in real time

Value Add to the Owner:

➔ Demonstrated workflow flexibility in having to manage all of the governmental specifications and regulations for each individual military branch that all coexisted in the same building


➔ Saved the Department of Defense (DOD) time and money by achieving a zero-item punch-list and  completed the project with no change orders and one week ahead of schedule

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