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Fox Run Cafe

Fox Run Cafe

Denver, CO

Retail project with complete Change of Use with the City of Denver in existing building close to 100 years old


➔ Design Assist project with UNUM Collaborative where the project team was able to solve several issues in real time at the Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings on site

➔ Well established team dynamic eliminated the need for a lengthy RFI process while also keeping the project moving on schedule

Value Add to the Owner:

➔ Allowed the owner to make strategic and informed decisions about the cost and the layout of the space before he committed to a design by delivering a budget and schedule during the schematic design phase

➔ Provided timely problem-solving capabilities in tandem with UNUM Collaborative which proved invaluable while working in an older building where unforeseen conditions can drastically affect the project’s budget and schedule

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